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MY ANNUAL Synvisc™ injection

For the last nine years, I’ve had osteoarthritis, especially in my left knee, due to the intense training I did during my 18-year track and field career. And despite that, I continued to train, sometimes intensely, participating in races, doing squats, putting a lot of pressure on my knee joints. Thankfully, I caught it in time thanks to my orthopedic surgeon, who recommended a Synvisc™ injection. This fluid acts as a lubricant and replaces the synovial fluid in the knee. I like to say, it’s like going for a Tune-Up! Each injection lasts me a year, and I can continue to do all my activities.

 To be honest, I am always a little apprehensive before my appointment because I absolutely hate getting shots! At the appointment, before the injection, I ask the doctor not to talk to me, so I can compose myself and to just warn me before. My mind tells me it’s going to pinch, so I really need to take a deep breath and prepare myself! 

 Sometimes people can have a little reaction to the injection, with a little swelling around the area. So, when I get home, I always apply an ice compress as a preventative measure.

I tend to schedule these appointments when I know I don’t have a busy schedule, because it is recommended to take it easy after, with no walking or running around or doing activities that would strain the area. When I do that… it goes well.

How do you prepare for retirement when you’re an athlete? – Bruny Surin

Bruny regarde l'horizon

From my point of view, the athletes must prepare for their retirement during the last 1-2 years of competition to avoid being surprised. Many athletes become good examples of professional conversion.  

The possibilities available to you

You don’t have to be a coach, but it’s a possibility that is open to you, as you are experienced in the field. You can also choose to be a naturopath, doctor, lawyer, yoga coach, dietician, etc. and yes entrepreneur. You have the opportunity to start a physical or online business. After you’ve focused on what you’re going to do, you need to think about the steps of setting up your project.

Studying the market

If you choose entrepreneurship, market research allows you to see whether or not your project will be profitable. This is important, especially if you want to make this business a considerable cash flow. For this step, you must first study the job. You can approach professionals who are already working in the sector, to get more information about the sector. After that, you have to think about the competition; get to know them, to see if you still have a chance to break into the field. The study of competition also allows you to offer your future customers something that your potential competitors do not have. Otherwise, you should also check and identify the possible suppliers and their offers. This will allow you to compare prices and make a profit.

Study customers

After studying the market, you need to target your customers. In general, for this type of study, professionals use a questionnaire that you can set up online for example. You also need to study customers, according to their habits. You can do this study in stores or shopping malls. You’ll find out how customers choose their products, how they detect quality, how often they buy a specific product, etc.

Set up a business plan

Once you’re done, you need to start setting up your business plan. This file should contain the basic investment plan, for a 3-year start-up in general. You must also present in this plan, the possible results on a 3-year projection. You also have to display, gross profitability such as margin, added values, etc. After that, you have to write inside, profitable level, salary details, additional funds, and many more. You can use the models offered for free on the internet to write it.

Legal status

This is an important point when setting up your business. You have to choose the legal status. The choice will depend on the activity you want to undertake, potential partners, your personal status, the investments and loans you will make, existing clients and potential customers. To make it easier to choose, you can use online legal status simulators, for example.

Please do not hesitate to write me if you have any questions.

Adapting to change – Bruny Surin

The topic of the hour is, of course, the coronavirus. We are still in isolation, but some of us are slowly getting back to our activities.  This deconfinement must be done gradually to avoid a second wave of contagion.

Meanwhile, while this is happening, you should really think of ways to reinvent yourself depending on the activity sector of your company. You should ask yourself how you can, as the expression says it so well, “turn on a dime’’ in order to adapt to this new reality. I am aware that this is extremely difficult. There are some of us who have lost a job permanently and others, temporarily. We have the help of the government which alleviates some of the stress, but the damage is done and we can all feel it.

So the message I would like to share with you is try not to tell yourself every day that it’s difficult, but rather try and find ways to adapt to the situation. For example, my job is that of a speaker.  I have at least fifteen conferences which have been postponed and for the moment I have no source of income.  Seeing that the trend right now is online communication, I signed up for a university online marketing course.  Virtual communication will only increase and I want to learn and improve myself in this area.  I learn how webinars work, and I will use that medium to offer my conferences on different themes to my clients.  This is an example of how I am adapting to the current situation. 

In addition to my conferences, I am also a sports coach level 3 certified from the Coaching Association of Canada, NCCP and I’m thinking of offering my services to companies.  There are many things that I can do virtually such as exercises with clients; keep moving in business. When I was an athlete training with the same technique for ten years, I suddenly had to adapt to another racing technique.  Time evolves and so do the techniques, so I had to adapt and trust the process which allowed me to get to another level.

We must expand our horizons and be ready to welcome change. So no matter what field you are in, get your brain working; learn, read more, work on yourselves, do not stay at home and nurture negative thoughts because this increases the risk of depression and psychological distress. I don’t really like to talk about that subject but it’s a reality.  You have to tell yourself that we’re all going to make it and that we’re all going to succeed.


Being a true leader is not an easy ride – Bruny Surin

I am convinced that it is in difficult times that we see who the real leaders are. With the COVID-19 pandemic and being in isolation, many people feel vulnerable and helpless, and may experience overwhelming frustration.

This is why it is necessary to look inside yourself, find your inner strength and keep your chin up to keep get through this.  When faced with a difficult challenge, it is normal to be tempted into making bad decisions, or even resort to cheating in order serve one’s personal interests.

I have experienced such dilemmas many times in my career. When I was an athlete, I had very few resources. When I started to be more popular and give interviews on television, people immediately thought that I was a millionaire.

However, I had difficulty making ends meet. I even had to borrow money from a friend at some point to meet my basic needs. When I was finally able to repay him, I gave him twice the amount he had lent me, even though he bluntly refused.  It was the fair and honest path that I wanted to take for the rest of my life.

Throughout my career, I have competed against athletes who cheated. When I couldn’t keep up with them, or if I got injured more than they were, I could have chosen the easy way and taken illicit substances that would have allowed me to break records, win more medals and win millions of dollars.

Choosing to be a man of integrity is the wisest and most rewarding decision of my life. I have had great success, and I can look at myself in the mirror and honestly say that all I have achieved is the result of my own efforts and persistence. I am very proud of that.

I was also faced with the same situation in business. At one time, I had a dietary supplement company. It was an extremely difficult industry. I knew that several companies were mixing their protein with other, lower quality products. I could have done the same thing, and consequently lower my production costs and increase my profits. It wasn’t in my nature to cheat my clients, I just couldn’t do it. None of them would have ever known.

Today, the coronavirus also faces us to chose between our individual values and our collective values. Even if you are young and healthy, you must join in the effort by staying at home as much as possible. It is time to dream of the future, to make choices that will allow us to be more resilient. We have to be brave, roll up your sleeves and be ready to work and duplicate our efforts when this is all over.

Let’s stay strong, together, we’ll get there!

Bruny Surin

17th edition of the Bruny Surin Foundation Gala – Bruny Surin

I am very proud to announce that the 17th edition of the Bruny Surin Foundation Gala will be held at the Westin in Montreal on September 19, 2019.

The funds raised each year during this event help promote a healthy and active lifestyle among young people in order to fight against dropping out of school. Buy your tickets now for this festive and entertaining networking night. It’s a date!

Bruny Invited in Tuscany – Bruny Surin

Bruny will be the special guest of a dental training oragnisée by Cameleo dpc. This training will take place in Artimino Tuscany.

Bruny will give a conference on commitment and surpassing oneself to general dentists and Quebec specialists who are invited for this 7-day training.

The purpose of this conference is to give participants the tools to:
realize the importance of preparation in achieving the greatest challenges;
Persevere to achieve one's goals;
Communicate with your team;
To go beyond, to commit, for his patients or his personal goals;
Overcoming obstacles and facing adversity.

The Youth Olympic Games: An Unforgettable Experience – Bruny Surin

October 19, 2018

The past few weeks have provided me with one of the most rewarding and motivating experiences of my career. I had the privilege of being selected by the Canadian Olympic Committee to act as Chef de Mission for the Youth Olympic Games in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

I would like to thank the COC and the selection committee for this treasured opportunity.

When I ended my athletic career, I set myself the goal of remaining active in sports and the Olympic movement and of continuing to encourage new generations of athletes in all sports. Thanks to the COC’s decision, I was able to achieve this dream.

Over the past few days, the members of the Canadian team and I have shared a wide range of emotions. I had the opportunity to provide encouragement to our young athletes in moments of both joy and sadness. I cheered them through exceptional performances and stood with them in moments of disappointment.

I hope the athletes come away from these Games with wonderful memories as well as valuable life lessons. I tried to impress upon them the importance of practicing their sport with integrity and of always respecting their opponent.

Regardless of their results, this event was an exceptional springboard for these young people. Before the closing ceremonies, I told them the following:

“If your performance was outstanding, have the strength to find out how you can improve further. Following a victory, your finish line should always become your starting line. For those of you whose results were not what you had hoped for, it’s time to roll up your sleeves. Ask yourself what went wrong in your performance and how you can improve it. I hope your disappointment becomes a source of motivation for you.”

As for me, I’m leaving Argentina filled with pride and hope. Canada has a promising future in sport! I hope to be able to accompany the Canadian team again soon!

Go get it!


A great logo is nothing without good service and good products – Bruny Surin

September 12, 2018

Since entering the field of business, I have noticed that many new entrepreneurs tend to place a disproportionate emphasis on their brand image and the creation of their logo.

While these are indeed critical to the success of a business, they should never take more energy and resources than the quality of the product, the message, and the customer relationship.

I am personally very severe with this last aspect. When I go to a restaurant and an employee has a bad attitude, my experience is completely transformed, in addition to giving me a bad image of the company, and this, regardless of the pace of the place.

This crucial subject reminds me in particular of my first experience with RedBull. I was still competing at the time, and representatives of the brand, young men and women, came to the stadium to make us taste the products. I clearly remember that they had a lot of interpersonal skills and they constantly smiled.

Initially, seeing the name of the brand that means “red bull” in French, all athletes looked at each other with a skeptical look. It must be said that we were very careful with the new products, given all the ingredients that we were not allowed to consume.

Yet their representatives have been convincing; a marketing technique still used extensively by the company. Today, we see that the latter is worth its weight in gold. In addition to being a guarantee of quality, RedBull ranks number one among all energy drink manufacturers.

Therefore, the priority of entrepreneurs, well before the look of their organization, should always be to provide a good service and spread a message that allows them to target the right clientele. If you lack the means to reach your advertising objectives, it is essential to find you allies.

Go get it!


Walking toward success, one task at a time – Bruny Surin

August 23, 2018

I am often asked by many participants who attend my conferences how I managed tasks that I don’t like but are essential to my success.

In the business world, particularly when you first venture out, you must constantly take on responsibilities that are not part of your field of expertise, that make you uncomfortable or that you clearly hate.

As far as I’m concerned and in all honesty, there are two obligations that come with being an entrepreneur that I hate: talking on the phone (I sometimes spend hours!) and meetings. After being closed-in for 45 minutes in the same room, I get restless. Mark Cuban, owner of the Dallas Mavericks basketball team (NBA) and a shark on the TV show The Shark Tank, says he also hates meetings which is expressed in his famous phrase, “Unless you have a check for me I don’t do meetings.” Of course, he’s a billionaire and I’m not lol.

I am well aware that the hours which seem to be a waste of time are essential to reaching my goals, to developing opportunities and partnerships for my conferences, to my foundation, to the Surin Collection as well as my real estate investments.

I had the same dilemma when I was an athlete. I remember that I didn’t like to do speed endurance training. We would run on distances of 250 to 350 metres repeatedly with minimal time for recuperation. My legs hurt, I had cramps and my heart would beat very rapidly.

However, this extremely difficult training was necessary. If I didn’t comply, my competitors would and they would surely take the lead during competitions.

Despite the need for these unpleasant tasks, some people will tell you that you are the boss and you can always delegate. But it’s impossible to always delegate. Sooner or later, you will have to get in the right frame of mind to perform these tasks.

For my part, I concentrate on the final outcome and consider these tasks as small sacrifices necessary to my success. And you? What are your tips on getting through your most difficult tasks?

Pour ma part, je me concentre sur l’objectif final, et les considère comme un mini sacrifice essentiel à mon succès. Et vous, quels sont vos trucs pour passer au travers des tâches plus difficiles?

Go get it!