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Bruny Surin

An entrepreneur must pursue several different strategies if he or she is to achieve his or her goals and achieve financial success. In fact, the majority of multi-millionaires have an average of seven different sources of income.

As soon as I started in business, I understood that it was essential to never put all my eggs in the same basket. So, if a sector is experiencing difficulties linked to an economic slowdown, I never find myself caught off guard and my income always exceeds my expenses.

In order to achieve a balanced portfolio, it is essential to differentiate between assets and liabilities.  Active income is what most people receive in the form of a salary in exchange for work done. Liabilities, on the other hand, multiply even when we sleep or go on vacation. Examples include income from rent, shares, real estate and franchises.   Examples include income from rent, shares, real estate and franchises.   

For a businessman or woman, the key to success often lies in these liabilities. They allow us to aim for financial independence or early retirement, to prepare for uncertainties and, above all,  grow our bank accounts. With a financial cushion, it also becomes possible to take more risks and think outside the box in business.

Does the subject interest you? At the beginning of November 2020, I plan to hold a big VIP event in Miami. Speakers from several fields such as real estate, franchises, mentoring, etc., will be invited to present their investment strategies. If you would like to know more, don’t hesitate to contact me.

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Bruny presents a TEDx conference – Bruny Surin

Bruny Surin is very proud to have taken part in the first edition of TEDx talks held by Champlain College in Saint-Lambert on April 7.

Entitled “From nothing to something”, this event is the first of its kind organized by college students.

Bruny talked about his Olympic career, and the many lessons he has learned over the years.

Much more than success and medals, it is mental preparation, teamwork, and the ability to overcome fear and criticism that have made the entrepreneur successful in business.

To watch the conference:

About TED
TED (Technology, Entertainment & Design) is a nonprofit organization devoted to Ideas Worth Spreading. Started as a four-day conference in California 30 years ago, TED has grown to support its mission with multiple initiatives.

17th edition of the Bruny Surin Foundation Gala – Bruny Surin

I am very proud to announce that the 17th edition of the Bruny Surin Foundation Gala will be held at the Westin in Montreal on September 19, 2019.

The funds raised each year during this event help promote a healthy and active lifestyle among young people in order to fight against dropping out of school. Buy your tickets now for this festive and entertaining networking night. It’s a date!

Bruny Invited in Tuscany – Bruny Surin

Bruny will be the special guest of a dental training oragnisée by Cameleo dpc. This training will take place in Artimino Tuscany.

Bruny will give a conference on commitment and surpassing oneself to general dentists and Quebec specialists who are invited for this 7-day training.

The purpose of this conference is to give participants the tools to:
realize the importance of preparation in achieving the greatest challenges;
Persevere to achieve one's goals;
Communicate with your team;
To go beyond, to commit, for his patients or his personal goals;
Overcoming obstacles and facing adversity.