Bruny Surin Foundation: A step forward in achieving equitable opportunities

Bruny Surin Foundation


  • Our mission and vision

    Our goal at the Bruny Surin Foundation is to promote a healthy and active lifestyle for young people in Quebec, both physically and mentally. We achieve this by engaging with them in their primary social environment- school.
    Our vision is to introduce a balanced lifestyle to all young people in Quebec, enabling them to reach their highest academic and physical potential. We believe that by empowering young people, we are ultimately benefiting all of Quebec.

    Our approach is based on equal opportunity, creating spaces that foster inclusivity and allows for all kids to discover and enjoy the benefits of a healthy and active lifestyle.


Our Programs

  • Sponsorship Program

    Our sponsorship program aims to provide Quebec elementary school students with the necessary support to help them succeed in their education. We ensure that sponsored students have access to essential needs such as meals, school supplies, clothing, snowsuits, and extracurricular activities throughout the year. Our goal is to give all students the same opportunities to thrive in their schooling.

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  • Schoolyard improvements (img)

    Schoolyard Improvements

    By improving school grounds in public schools, we help to democratize access to quality sports facilities, reducing differences in access to sports between schools and neighborhoods. This facilitates the adoption of a healthy, active lifestyle for all.

  • Scholarships

    With over $20,000 awarded each year in sports scholarships to student-athletes, the foundation strives to positively impact the lives of chosen athletes by supporting them in balancing their education and athletic pursuits.

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