Impact of Your Donations

Sponsorship Program in Quebec Elementary Schools

Through a sponsorship program with the Christian Vachon Foundation, we ensure that the basic needs of Quebec elementary school students are met, so that they can progress through their schooling with the same opportunities as their peers. We provide sponsored students with meals, school supplies, clothing, snowsuits and extracurricular activities throughout the year.

We operate through the school’s catering service for meals and provide parents of sponsored students with the means to provide for their children’s needs in order to maintain the parent’s role as legitimate provider for their child.

  • The sponsorship program is made possible by our partnership with the Christian Vachon Foundation, which has some twenty years’ experience in supporting the development, perseverance and educational success of young people from vulnerable backgrounds. Through this collaboration, we aim to expand the program to the great Montreal territory and to the whole province of Quebec.

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    Schoolyard Enhancement Projects

    By improving schoolyards in public schools, we can help to provide access to quality sports facilities for all students and communities. By doing so, we hope to reduce disparities between schools and neighborhoods in access to sports infrastructure and to promote a healthy, active lifestyle for everyone.

    Additionally, sports play a significant role in promoting physical and mental wellbeing, as well as academic success among young people. By increasing access to sports, we can help to keep students engaged in school and ultimately improve the socio-economic situation of future generations.