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Team Building Activities by Bruny Surin

Olympic champion in the 4x100m relay event, Bruny is able to draw a natural parallel between teamwork and the symbolic handover of the witness. His playful and personalized approach allows your team to experience in a concrete way the lessons learned during the conference, and put into practice concepts such as teamwork, synergy, communication and trust.

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    Bruny Surin is a passionate animator and motivator. His team building activities are built according to the needs of his audience.

    The objective of this workshop is to strengthen the bonds within your team and to develop tools to advance collectively: key assets for success.

    Proposed signature activities:

    • Dynamic warm-up
    • Relay race with passing of the witness
    • Synchronized team race on “skis” (only available in Montreal and its surrounding areas);
    • Animation and training with bodyweight exercises;

    * Other customized activities can be offered depending on the clients’ goals and ideas.

    The team building activity is available in Montreal, throughout Quebec, and around the world et dans les environs et ailleurs au Québec . Different packages of varying duration are offered to suit everyone.

The main advantages of team building activities

A strong and united team translates into better productivity as well as a pleasant work environment where the talent of each person is put to contribution and valued. Team building, as its name indicates, ultimately allows you to reinforce the cohesion of your group. But let’s take a closer look at how this activity between colleagues achieves this goal.

Break the isolation within the team

A team building activity allows people who are more reserved in a work environment to finally express themselves in a relaxed context and to break the distance that their shyness sometimes imposes between them and their colleagues. They create links with other participants more easily, promoting team cohesion.

Ending conflicts within the team

This activity is also a great opportunity to break down walls that may have been erected between employees and/or superiors after disagreements or conflicts. During the activity, everyone is on an equal footing. By taking part in the games and challenges, employees and supervisors have an essential role and are invited to express their opinions and to be open to the needs and concerns of others. Communication between group members becomes more natural, fluid and meaningful.

Integrating new team members

There is nothing like a team building activity to welcome a new employee to a group! Games and challenges give the newcomer a chance to socialize with new colleagues and superiors without feeling like a nuisance. Valuable minutes that will change the group dynamic forever!

Develop your self-confidence

Through the course of the activities and challenges, participants often discover a talent or social ease that they did not know they had until now. The result? In the space of a day, they gain self-confidence, which then follows them home and to the office! Another great advantage of team building!

  • "Highly appreciated, with great ease of connecting with people, Bruny managed to motivate and bring out the best of entrepreneurs in a spirit of healthy and constructive competition. He mobilizes his knowledge, experience and learning as an Olympic athlete and entrepreneur and puts them to work for entrepreneurs. I can attest to the satisfaction of all the participants in Bruny's interventions, but also the impact of his accompaniment on their journey and his support to the National Bank Accelerator - HEC Montréal entrepreneur community."

    Manaf Bouchentouf, Executive DirectorAccélérateur Banque Nationale - HEC Montréal
  • "We loved the inspiring speech about the victories and the path to Bruny's success. His determination is simply contagious! The team building activity was absolutely fabulous. It made us better understand the importance of team communication and we had a lot of fun! This day will remain etched in our memories to all, we warmly recommend this experience to anyone!"

    Marie Kerjean Assistant to the Marketing and Business Development, Groupe Focus
  • "The end of our year was also for me the end of my first lap and Bruny's conference made me understand something: the race was far from over and we had to start again. Bruny's determination is contagious and the workshop had the effect of uniting us. I left completely invigorated! "

    Nicholas BlanchardCustomer experience advisor, Groupe Focus
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