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  • In his lectures, Olympic champion turned entrepreneur Bruny Surin shares his remarkable path to success and discusses the sacrifices, dedication and perseverance needed to achieve a dream. Through his inspiring journey, the former athlete has inspired and influenced more than 200,000 students, employee and business leaders across Quebec, Canada and around the world..

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    During his conferences, Bruny addresses a multitude of topics related to performance, perseverance and success such as:

    • Resilience
    • Adapting to changes
    • Diversity and inclusion
    • Equity
    • Motivation
    • Leadership
    • Performance
    • Risk taking
    • Raising the bar
    • Work-life balance
    • Team building
    • Adaptation to change
    • From failure to success
    • Team Work
  • Olympic champion in the 4 x 100 m relay and the second-fastest man in history in his time, Bruny is able to draw a natural parallel between teamwork and the symbolic passing of the baton.

    Mr. Surin can adapt the content of his conference and his speech to your organizational reality and your objectives. In order to further engage your audience, some of the themes listed above can be put forward. The length of the conference can also be modified according to your preferences.

    We will talk to you on the phone to verify the content of the presentation and the desired length of the conference.

    The motivational speaker’s lectures can also be given in English, if needed.

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Bruny in action

  • From Olympic champion to change agent

    A tireless athlete, Bruny Surin discovered track and field as a teenager; at that time of his life, he perfected the long jump and the triple jump. Despite his obvious talent, ankle injuries led him to another path: running. Resilient, the sprinter quickly overtook his opponents to reach the podium, starting with the 1990 Commonwealth Games and then the 1994 Games. With his drive and determination, he continued his rise in a multitude of national and international competitions until he and his Canadian teammates won gold at the 1996 Olympic Games in Atlanta in the 4 x 100 m relay. In the stands as well as at home, the public of Quebec, Canada and the whole world is in jubilation!

    He continued his athletic career until 2002, a pivotal year that led him to open a new chapter in his life as a businessman and philanthropist. He created Sprint Management Inc. to develop business partnerships and mentor the business community, and the Bruny Surin Foundation to promote a healthy and active lifestyle for young people to improve their physical and mental health. He also owns his own sportswear brand, Surin, since 2009.

    In 2021, he was inducted into the Order of Canada, an honorary club that recognizes Canadians whose service transforms our society and whose compassion unites our communities. His motivation has led him to accomplishments that are as beneficial to young Quebec athletes as they are to the business community! Also a member of Canada’s Olympic Hall of Fame, the Quebec Sports Hall of Fame and Canada’s Sports Hall of Fame, the visionary former athlete draws a natural parallel between teamwork and the symbolic passing of the baton in his lectures.

    An engaging, dynamic, action-oriented motivational speaker

    Testimonials from the business community are unanimous: Bruny Surin is a born communicator whose discourse and humor positively influence mindsets and foster the development of a collaborative spirit.

  • "Mr. Surin's intervention pleased and captivated our members, which certainly contributed to the success of our event. He also adapted his speech very well to our theme."

    Jean-Michel Loutoby, DirectorLa Mission Locale Nord Martinique
  • "Your intervention captivated our members, which certainly contributed to the success of this conference. You have also adapted very well your topic to our topic on succession. The members had only very positive comments about you. Among other things, they liked your inspiring and touching speech, as well as your ease of approach and your generosity."

    Marc Savard, General DirectorAssociation des Maîtres couvreurs du Québec
  • "Expect to be transported into the history of the 1994 Relay Race Finals and understand how Bruny has become the athlete he has been. He will explain his maxim: 'The one I see, is the one I will be'. He will show you how this powerful phrase has shaped it over the years and how it can all be used in our everyday lives. In addition, it will make a superb parallel between a relay race and the synergy that groups must have in the same company in order for it to perform at all levels. In addition, Bruny will motivate you to find what makes you dream! This may seem trivial, but you will better understand the aspirations and dreams of your employees, of course if they open to you, what I hope!"

    Renaud LavoiePresident & CEO, Embrionix
  • "We received Bruny as a guest speaker for our Employee Recognition Week. He was certainly one of the best speakers we had. He talks about leadership, motivation and perseverance in a unique way that reaches us all. His story is inspiring and he tells it to us with humor, authenticity and generosity."

    Amélie JournetHead of Human Resources and Organization Transformation, Lavery Avocats
  • "One word...inspiring! While we were in turbulent times due to a merger of two companies, we opted to give an inspiring break to our employees. Bruny came to talk to us about teamwork, adapting to changes, failure to success and perseverance. As General Manager, I saw the light in my employees' eyes and they came out with a common goal of success. Bruny knew how to integrate the values of our company in his speech. The effects of this conference on the team were felt immediately and after a few months, the employees are still talking about it."

    Geneviève PrévostOptimum graphiques
  • Bruny captured the attention of our group throughout his conference. His story, told with humour and humility, he inspired everyone at Benny&Co., so much so that the expression "Visualize" is now part of our employees' vocabulary!

    Jean BennyPresident, Benny & Co
  • The comments are unanimous and all were impressed by its history, message and generosity.   Bruny has generated many thoughts and we are confident that the impact it had among our leaders will have a positive impact on our results in the coming weeks and months. Everyone is still talking about Bruny, even several days after his visit. He convinced us to be ambitious, to have confidence in ourselves, but above all to continue to pursue our dreams.

    Sylvie LeducVP, Brand Management & Customer Promise, Belron Canada
  • On December 8th 2020, Bruny was kind enough to talk to our entire leadership team about building organizational culture. He underlined the importance of teamwork, of having dreams and goals despite of how unattainable they might look, and how critical it is to visualize them and to work on them each and every day. Bruny’s approach, and his concept of “the me I see is the me I’ll be” motivated and inspired our entire team. Bruny is an engaging, humble, generous, thought-provoking and inspiring speaker. It was an honour and a privilege to have such an accomplished icon share his experience with us! On behalf of our entire team, thank you Bruny!

    Fadel Chbihna – President IO Solutions Contact Center Inc.
  • It is with much enthusiasm that I highly recommend Bruny Surin as a speaker for any organization that wishes to motivate its team and set higher standards Bruny’s speech and drive during our videoconference lifted the spirits of our team it was truly phenomenal. Its been a few months since his webinar and most of our staff are still referring to his tactics and approach to life and business challenges. The approach that Bruny had not only touched our senior management team but also our younger staff, he was able to connect with everyone and lifted everyone’s spirit and motivation. Bruny was by far our best guest speaker/motivator.

    Anthony Sleiman, Vice-President, Sales Cellcom Communications

Information for the organizers

Bruny Surin will arrive at the conference venue about 30 minutes ahead of time.

The organizer is asked to provide a small quiet space for Bruny to prepare before entering the stage.

Equipment provided by the organizer:

  • Audiovisual system for for a video presentation with sound;
  • Sound system with headset for groups of 25 or more;
  • Some conferences also require a micro-stick, to allow interactions with the audience.

The organizer will receive an introductory video a few days before the activity. He will then be able to download the file in order to make sure that everything is working properly.

For Team Building workshops with physical activity, Bruny Surin will provide the necessary equipment. The organizer must, however, ensure access to a suitable space for the chosen activity.

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