Diversify Your Sources of Income – Bruny Surin

Bruny Surin

An entrepreneur must pursue several different strategies if he or she is to achieve his or her goals and achieve financial success. In fact, the majority of multi-millionaires have an average of seven different sources of income.

As soon as I started in business, I understood that it was essential to never put all my eggs in the same basket. So, if a sector is experiencing difficulties linked to an economic slowdown, I never find myself caught off guard and my income always exceeds my expenses.

In order to achieve a balanced portfolio, it is essential to differentiate between assets and liabilities.  Active income is what most people receive in the form of a salary in exchange for work done. Liabilities, on the other hand, multiply even when we sleep or go on vacation. Examples include income from rent, shares, real estate and franchises.   Examples include income from rent, shares, real estate and franchises.   

For a businessman or woman, the key to success often lies in these liabilities. They allow us to aim for financial independence or early retirement, to prepare for uncertainties and, above all,  grow our bank accounts. With a financial cushion, it also becomes possible to take more risks and think outside the box in business.

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