MY ANNUAL Synvisc™ injection

For the last nine years, I’ve had osteoarthritis, especially in my left knee, due to the intense training I did during my 18-year track and field career. And despite that, I continued to train, sometimes intensely, participating in races, doing squats, putting a lot of pressure on my knee joints. Thankfully, I caught it in time thanks to my orthopedic surgeon, who recommended a Synvisc™ injection. This fluid acts as a lubricant and replaces the synovial fluid in the knee. I like to say, it’s like going for a Tune-Up! Each injection lasts me a year, and I can continue to do all my activities.

 To be honest, I am always a little apprehensive before my appointment because I absolutely hate getting shots! At the appointment, before the injection, I ask the doctor not to talk to me, so I can compose myself and to just warn me before. My mind tells me it’s going to pinch, so I really need to take a deep breath and prepare myself! 

 Sometimes people can have a little reaction to the injection, with a little swelling around the area. So, when I get home, I always apply an ice compress as a preventative measure.

I tend to schedule these appointments when I know I don’t have a busy schedule, because it is recommended to take it easy after, with no walking or running around or doing activities that would strain the area. When I do that… it goes well.