• Patrice Bélair EN

    Duet with Patrice Belair – Bruny Surin

    Patrice has a long track record through which he has acquired a vast multidisciplinary experience. Whether as Vice President and General Manager for St-Hubert Rotisseries or as Director of Operations for the Dunkin Donuts International Corporation. He has had the privilege of accumulating responsibilities nationally and internationally for networks of hundreds of franchisees and operators. This path allowed him to acquire a global vision of the conditions necessary for the optimal exploitation of large structures.

    Optimization and analysis of operating processes, finance, marketing, brand uniformity and production processes, training, procurement, human resources management are sectors for which Patrice has acquired skills that allow me to quickly diagnose problems and opportunities for our clients and make specific recommendations.

    With a prominent emphasis on the human element, he is a business coach specializing in franchise networks. He knows how to create conditions conducive to the expression of the full potential of individuals and corporate structures for which he makes strategic interventions.

    Patrice is able to establish close links with the teachings developed by Bruny during his high performance athlete experience.

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