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    Stress Management Workshop with Ahmed Yves Douhou

    Like Bruny, Ahmed has learned a lot from his past as an Olympic athlete. His corporate stress management workshop offers concrete tools to deal with the stress and anxiety that are increasingly present in the workplace.

    Ahmed Yves Douhou (Medo) is an Ivorian-French-Canadian entrepreneur who has had a remarkable career. He left his native Ivory Coast at the age of 17 for a high-level sports career in France. His near-death experience in 1993 was a trigger in his quest for mindfulness. He participates in 3 Olympic Games and 5 World Championships in Athletics. After his title of World 4×400 meter relay champion in 2003 in Paris with the French team, he is received twice by French President Jacques Chirac with all the honors. His love for travel drives him to visit more than 62 countries. He was able to overcome the challenges of his life course thanks to his winning personality and especially thanks to the philosophy of Buddhism he discovered in Japan in 1995. He considers that success requires a strong state of mind, a rigorous planning, great self-confidence, and a caring presence. One of his weapons of struggle against stress is mindfulness. He firmly affirms that the inner dimension of each being is the basis of all success. Author of the book “Self-observation” published by Editions DhArt in 2016, He describes techniques of personal transformation of great efficiency. He is a member of Paramansa Yogananda’s self-realization fellowship in Los Angeles, where the famous inventor of the iPhone (Steve Jobs) was doing his meditation retreats. Today, he trains, advises and accompanies young people, men, women and business people in their personal development. He teaches meditation and gives workshops on stress management, how to bring energy to his physical body for good health, how to allow his brain to solve everyday pro.

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