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After 18 years on the most prestigious athletics tracks in the world. Bruny has built a set of tools and methods to help you achieve your goals. For over 16 years, he has used these strategies himself as an entrepreneur, a lecturer and a trainer. Strong believer in the importance of continual training, Bruny continues to improve through his interactions with leaders and his experiences.

  • Expertise:

    • Entrepreneurship
    • Organizational dynamics
    • Adapting to changes
    • Positive Leadership
    • Goal achievement
    • Branding
    • Partnerships
    • Strategy
    • Business Development
    • Sport Management
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  • "Highly appreciated, with great ease of connecting with people, Bruny managed to motivate and bring out the best of entrepreneurs in a spirit of healthy and constructive competition. He mobilizes his knowledge, experience and learning as an Olympic athlete and entrepreneur and puts them to work for entrepreneurs. I can attest to the satisfaction of all the participants in Bruny's interventions, but also the impact of his accompaniment on their journey and his support to the National Bank Accelerator - HEC Montréal entrepreneur community."

    Manaf Bouchentouf, Executive DirectorAccélérateur Banque Nationale - HEC Montréal
  • "We loved the inspiring speech about the victories and the path to Bruny's success. His determination is simply contagious! The team building activity was absolutely fabulous. It made us better understand the importance of team communication and we had a lot of fun! This day will remain etched in our memories to all, we warmly recommend this experience to anyone!"

    Marie Kerjean Assistant to the Marketing and Business Development, Groupe Focus
  • "The end of our year was also for me the end of my first lap and Bruny's conference made me understand something: the race was far from over and we had to start again. Bruny's determination is contagious and the workshop had the effect of uniting us. I left completely invigorated! "

    Nicholas BlanchardCustomer experience advisor, Groupe Focus
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